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About Us

With bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, financial services became open to anyone with an idea. In order to scale towards mass adoption, the technology needs to become more user friendly and enterprise-ready to rapidly and securely deploy compelling business use cases. At Crypto Advisory Group, we aim to bridge the gap between decentralized digital technologies and the predicaments of mainstream businesses. We do this by balancing our efforts to help ease the scarcity of the two most imminent resources today.

  • Blockchain literacy: Our bespoke eduction programs in co-operation with HWZ University of Applied Sciences Zurich and community building initiatives allow accelerated provisioning of expert knowledge in economical aspects of Blockchain

  • Non-geeky technology: The inspiring & easy to deploy payment technology stack paves the way to rapidly monetizing digital innovations.​


​For us, giving millions of business innovators access to prosperity is a future worth getting up early, every day.

Dani Fricker, Co-Founder, CEO and President

Dani is a seasoned executive with a rich team building and leadership experience, and a three-decade track record as a trusted business advisor and sales consultant, notably to the financial services industry. He has ran operational and tactical/analytical teams globally, as well as cross-LOB sales and advisory teams throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Dani also serves as an in-demand lecturer, panelist and conference speaker in his preferred domain of crypto currencies.